The Space Stingrays is a story driven science fiction adventure game. It has an intricate screenplay as well as puzzles with space flying, fighting and tactics. The Space Stingrays game will be first available for Android, iOS and Windows tablets.


Space Stingrays story starts with an orphan stingray, a living space ship, that needs to save the stingray flocks from an overwhelming enemy. The story grows bigger when the stingray encounters multitude of creatures living in the Scrap Belt, a gigantic graveyard of an ancient space battle. Each of the Belt species have their own agendas and schemes, intertwined into the protagonist's life. The juvenile stingray soon learns that his journey is not only in time and space, but inside himself, answering questions of his own essence and purpose of his existence.

Space Stingrays story is presented as a graphic novel.


The game has exciting puzzles that are based on unique idea of commanding multiple flocks of stingrays in 2.5D space. That makes navigating with flocks easy and intuitive. The flocks fly beautifully and behave like a flock of birds or a shoal of fish when moving as a pack.


The target audience are Sci-Fi fans that love space operas with twisting plot and interesting ethical and philosophical issues. The game also appeals to those that like puzzle games. The tactical flying with the stingray flocks is both entertaining and addictive.

Thus the game is targeted to a very significant segment. It is easy to say that this game is for those who want exciting food for thought.